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Call For Posters

Symposium for Sustainable Infrastructure 3 (SSI-3)
Rocky Mountain Region

Want more information? Download our Call for Posters here.



The symposium aims to highlight the need for incorporating sustainability in infrastructure planning and design, especially in context of the Rocky Mountain Region.  The Triple Bottom Line (social, economic, and environmental) metrics serve as an excellent guide to not only do projects right, but also to do the right project.  The signature challenges of civil engineering in contemporary times are resource constraints, environmental degradation, quality of life, and resilience all while planning and designing infrastructure that performs equal to or better than ever before, but with less funding and institutional capacity for maintenance than ever before. Paradigms must evolve so that new infrastructure does not become the same burden on society that our decaying infrastructure is today.  Your poster topic should address such topics as the importance of integrating sustainability into infrastructure development, resilient infrastructure, resiliency and climate change, and sustainable urban environments.  Below is a list of the session titles from the symposium.  The ideal poster would address these titles specifically.


  • The Origins of Centralized Infrastructure and Planning

  • Is Any City Sustainable or Resilient in the Current Paradigm?

  • What is the Current State of Integrating Resilience in Cities?

  • Infrastructure Vulnerabilities and Resilience Planning

  • Centralized vs Decentralized Approach to Infrastructure

  • Repurposing the Current Built Environment for the Future

  • The Role of Citizen Engagement for Cities

  • The Role of Smart Technology for Cities

  • Coalitions for Sustainable Infrastructure


SSI-3 encourages participants to also register in the workshop on Saturday, April 6, aimed at developing capabilities using Envision™, the most complete methodology for designing and evaluating sustainable infrastructure. At the completion of the workshop, participants will be well prepared to take the exam and acquire the ENV SP credential.




Students and members of younger member chapters of American Public Works Association (APWA), American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), and American Planning Association (APWA) will receive recognition and awards based on the score as described below.  Students will receive cash awards: First place ($500.00), Second place ($300.00) and third place ($200.00). Younger members and their employers will receive recognition only at the conclusion of the symposium for Best Young Professional Poster.


Interested in participating? Download our Call for Posters here.
If you have an exciting project or research you'd like to share in a poster session, please register here!
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