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SSI-3 Agenda

April 5-6, 2019
Marriott Springhill Suites Auraria Campus



8:30 am                 Keynote: Ron Sims

9:00-10:15            Origins and Implications of our Current Infrastructure Paradigm

Session 1A: The Origins of Centralized Infrastructure and Planning

Session 1B: Is Any City Sustainable or Resilient in the Current Paradigm?


10:15-10:30           Networking


10:30-11:45           Our Current Paradigm and Reasons to Consider Change

Session 2A: What is the Current State of Integrating Resilience in Cities?

Session 2B: Infrastructure Vulnerabilities and Resilience Planning


12:00-1:00            Lunch and Keynote: How do we move from Business-As-Usual to get to the City We Want?


1:00-1:15                Networking


1:15-2:30                What is the Future of Infrastructure and Service Delivery?

Session 3A: Centralized vs. Decentralized Approach to Infrastructure

Session 3B: Repurposing the Current Built Environment for the Future


2:30-4:00             What is the Path to a Smart City and to the City We Want?

Session 4A: The Role of Citizen Engagement for Cities

Session 4B: The Role of Smart Technology for Cities


4:00-5:00             Conclusions: How Do We Get to the City We Want?

Roundtables for groups of 15 or less

Summarizing Key Points and Take-aways


5:00-6:30              Happy Hour and Networking

Saturday, April 6

As a follow-up to the conversation on Friday, we have a variety of ways for you to continue to engage in planning and creating the City We Want on Saturday. 

Note: Options 1 and 2 will be held in classrooms at University of Colorado, Denver at Auraria, located at 1250 14th Street in Denver, 80202. 

 Option 1: Full-Day ENVISION Training Workshop

                                     Hosted by the City We Want Coalition and the Institute for Sustainable Infrastructure, this training                                                         workshop will provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to take and pass the ENVISION                                                       certification and become an ENVISION Sustainability Professional (ENV SP). Find out more here.                                                         Scholarships may be available to support the training costs, and those who register for both the                                                             Symposium on Friday and the workshops on Saturday will receive a 10% discount off the cost of the                                                     workshop. 

                                     ENVISION Training will be held at University of Colorado, Denver, at Auraria, in Room 3301 (300W) on the                                       3rd floor. Go left as you leave the elevators and then left again around the first corner. 

  Option 2: City We Want Coalition Meeting

                                      We've spent a day discussing and brainstorming how to create the City We Want--now it's time to dig in                                              and do the work. The City We Want Coalition is an outgrowth of this conversation and exists as a working                                          group of professional interested in actually getting things done, not just talking ideas. Please come to learn                                          more about how you can get involved and help make the City We Want a reality. This meeting is free and                                            open to anyone who came to the Symposium on Friday. 

                                      The City We Want Coalition Meeting will be held at the University of Colorado, Denver, at Auraria, in Room                                          2005 on the 2nd floor. Go left as you exist the elevator.   

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